Boys, men never re-enact what they see onscreen, say Jedi kittens

Actually, wait.  Boys and men *do* re-enact in real life what they see in the media.  It really couldn’t be more obvious.

In the case of the doodly creaters of these illustrative Jedi kitten videos, if asked, it seems highly unlikely that they would even bother pretending that they came up with that particular concept, the plot, or even the technical execution entirely on their own.  Nor could they credibly maintain that any resemblance to any material previously presented for public consumption in the media was purely coincidental.

So why is everyone else pretending that boys and men don’t re-enact what they see onscreen, and considering the kind of violent, misogynistic and pornographic media available to men and boys 24/7, why isn’t everyone extremely concerned about that?

In other news, reports that an Oregon man was recently arrested after attacking shoppers at a toy store with lightsabers.

From the article:

An Oregon judge has used his force to order a 45-day jail sentence and mental health evaluation for a would-be Jedi who attacked toy store customers with a pair of lightsabers.

David Allen Canterbury, 33, […] pleaded no contest Monday to assault and resisting arrest.

Canterbury had a “Star Wars” lightsaber in each hand as he swung at three customers last Dec. 14 at a Toys R Us store, Portland police said. He carried the lightsabers outside the store and swung at police.

According to The Oregonian, police attempted to shoot Canterbury with a Taser but the suspected deflected one of the wires away.

Officers eventually wrestled him to the ground.

No one was injured […].

Canterbury has been banned from the toy store.

The article is unclear as to how the man managed to “deflect” the taser wire, but as reported, the facts do seem to suggest that he had developed an aptitude for lightsabering somehow, and was able to use those skills both to hurt people, and to benefit himself.  That must’ve been something to see.