Mail-order condoms for California teenagers, and the language of damage control

A new mail-order program allows some California teenagers to receive 10 free condoms per month in the mail, along with lubricant, and “information.”  Lemme guess what’s in the “information”: PIV-positive propaganda that repeatedly refers to PIV as “sex,” and advocates condom use as obvious damage control without ever really saying how dangerous — and unnecessary — PIV really is?  That’s what I thought.  Same shit, different day.

From the article:

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, Kern has had the worst incidence rate of chlamydia in California, according to data provided by the Kern County Department of Public Health. For gonorrhea, the county has hovered around the 5th worst spot out of all 58 counties. And, for teen births, the county’s incidence rate has vacillated between the worst and second worst statewide in recent years.

“Usually when we see high numbers, there’s a lack of access to comprehensive sex education and reproductive services,” said Amy Moy, vice president of public affairs for the Family Health Council. “There may also be a culture in the community where things like comprehensive sex education and related issues aren’t discussed and resources aren’t available.”

Houston, we have a problem: lots and lots of teenaged girls are becoming impregnated, and infected with devastating and yet completely preventable diseases.  Even more than usual.  Okay so far.  Except that “usually” (read: always and exclusively) when that happens, it’s because boys and men are sticking their dicks into teenaged girls.  It’s not, in fact, due to anything else.

In any other situation, we would not blame the damage control for not working: thousands of people in a warzone were blown to bits today, because the structures they were hiding in weren’t strong enough to sustain the repeated and prolonged bombings.  But in the case of PIV and PIV-related medical events for girls and women, that’s exactly what we do: when we blame contraceptive failures instead of blaming boys and men, PIV and the PIV-as-sex paradigm, we are blaming the buildings, for failing to protect their inhabitants.  And by blaming lack of contraceptives and “reproductive health” services and so-called “sex-education”, we are blaming the lack of bomb shelters, and not the bombs, or the people dropping the bombs, for the obvious devastation and destruction the bombs are causing to the people on the ground.  Okay?  The parallels here are obvious.

And yes, we are really talking about girls becoming infected (and impregnated!) here, not boys.  You can find that little nugget at, the organization that is teaming up with the California Department of Public Health to provide the mail-order condom project, after about 6 clicks, and knowing what you are looking for:

I talked to Dr. Sarah Guerry and health educator Ana Delia Hernandez, both from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s STD Program. What stuck out to me the most was hearing that females have a greater chance of getting STDs and that they have more STDs than males. I always thought that guys had more STDs. I realized it’s important to get accurate information because what you believe is not always right.


And elsewhere in the warzone, there is apparently a new mobile app that users in New York City can download, and then by entering in an address or by GPS will be directed to the nearest facility giving away free condoms.  Why?

‘New Yorkers are mobile, so we need to reach them both with sexual health information and easy access to service information wherever they are,’ said New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley.

The Health Department’s Dr. Monica Sweeney told 1010 WINS that there is also plenty of other information through the app and that such easy access is critical.

‘The need is there — not only from the number of people that download it — but because we continue to have new HIV, especially with men who have sex with men and unplanned, unwanted pregnancies and other STDs. As long as we do, we need to do more,’ Sweeney said.

Well that’s one way to look at it.  Here’s another: the need is there, because boys and men continue to stick their dicks into girls and women, and they do this on purpose, to damage women and to benefit themselves, and they won’t stop.

And the need is there because boys and men are also sticking their dicks into each other, and they don’t fucking care about the havoc they wreak in their own lives or in anyone else’s.  They do not care.  Because in the cases of both gay and straight “sex,” insofar as they consciously or unconsciously consider the consequences to themselves, boys and men *also* know that no matter what happens to them there will always be a woman there to take care of them.  So they never include the risk and reality of bodily harm, chronic illness, and death in their cost-benefit analyses, because they don’t have to.  Because there is a permanent slave class that exists for their benefit, to provide caretaking services, usually for free.

I don’t suppose we should hold our breaths for a government-sponsored mail-order program or a mobile app to address the real problem, without bombarding everyone with PIV-positive propaganda and confusing and obscuring the real issue: male supremacy, and men supporting and increasing male power, at girls’ and women’s expense.  No, of course we shouldn’t, because getting to the root of the problem isn’t sexy.  And by sexy I mean, of course, supportive of male power.