Adjunct Senior Lecturer quits over colleague’s ‘extreme feminism’

An Australian daily newspaper reports that Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) Dr. Greg Canning has resigned his post as Adjunct Senior Lecturer at James Cook University School of Medicine after he complained to the university that his colleague Dr. Betty McLellan had been “practicing the sexual vilification of men.”

According to Canning’s complaint, this was accomplished by Dr. McLellan stringing truthful words together in a coherent manner and publishing them on a radical feminist blog.  What a harmful cultural practice indeed.

Back in June of 2011, Dr. McLellan — a prominent feminist ethicist, author, psychotherapist and activist — wrote a guest post for the radical feminist group blog Radfem HUB titled “The Question on Nobody’s Lips” in which she addressed, from her perspective as a professional, an academic and an activist, the global epidemic of male violence including sexualized violence.  “The question” she addressed, and noted that not many others are addressing it besides radical feminists, was “what is it about men” that causes them to engage in extreme violence and brutality on a global scale, transcending both time and place?

Indeed, seeing as how we apparently have yet to examine the problem of egregious, global male violence closely and rigorously enough to solve it, “what is it about men” that causes them to perpetrate it does seem to be a legitimate question; intellectual honesty and the pursuit of truth apparently not being interests shared by McLellan’s colleague, he attempted to get her censured by the university for going ahead and indulging her interests anyway, without his permission.

“The fact people like this are teaching students really bothers me,”

Canning said.

Taking measures to quell his unfortunate state of being “bothered” by a woman stringing truthful words together in a coherent manner and publishing them on a radical feminist blog,

Dr Canning made an official complaint to JCU, accusing Dr McLellan through her activities and writings of breaching the university’s guidelines for ethical conduct and bringing JCU into disrepute.

JCU, however, reviewed his concerns and found there was no evidence Dr McLellan had breached the university’s code of conduct, nor brought it into dispute.

Dr Canning handed his letter of resignation into the School of Medicine last month. He said while university management did not overtly condone the sexual vilification of men, failing to even caution Dr McLellan was a “reprehensible moral and ethical shortcoming”.

Yes, in the midst of a global economic recession (privileged much?) the man quit his teaching job after the university refused to give him his way, declining to punish an esteemed academic and activist for asking a simple question and instead siding with McLellan — and happily, considering that it is an institution of learning and all, with intellectual honesty and the pursuit of truth.  And doing so no matter how much the MRAs hate it.

Whether the door struck Dr. Canning in the buttocks on his way out has not been reported.

News of this development has also been reported at Radfem HUB.