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Are you sick and bloody tired of the male supremacist spin in mainstream news reporting, passing as neutrality and objectivity?  Are you completely bored (or enraged) at the banality and woman-hatred displayed on every mainstream news outlet, in both the posts and the comments, whether they are left-leaning or right?

For as long as we can stand to do it, the bloggers at Radfem News Service will be bringing you the news with a radical feminist twist: shedding meaningful light on the issues affecting women as a sexual class, around the world where mainstream reporting doesn’t; and performing meta-analyses of the mainstream reporting itself, where that reporting spins, lies and obfuscates to support male-supremacy.

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ETA:  This site is now an archives and is no longer updated.  Please feel free to browse our archives by keyword or category search in the sidebar, and kindly read the project endnote here.  Thanks for reading Radfem News Service!  — Eds., 6/17/2013