Transgender contestant to compete in Miss Universe pageant afterall

A transgender woman who has has been fighting for her right to internalize misogyny by competing in a beauty pageant has gotten what she wanted, reports CNN.  While she was initially disqualified by the organizers of Miss Universe Canada because she was not a “natural born woman” and because she had lied about having had sex-reassignment surgery, pageant organizers Monday reversed their decision and will now allow male-to-female transgender model Jenna Talackova to compete.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, commended the pageant organizer’s decision.

The 61st annual Miss Universe Canada Pageant will be held in Toronto on May 19.

From the article:

Speaking to CNN Tuesday, [owner Donald] Trump said that according to the laws of Canada and the United States, Talackova should be allowed to enter the pageant.

‘So she will be entering the Miss Canada pageant, but we went strictly by the laws,’ he said.


Talackova was one of the 65 finalists selected to contend for the title of Miss Universe Canada and the honor of representing her country in the Miss Universe competition.

But organizers told her last month she could not compete because she lied about having undergone sexual reassignment surgery and did not meet requirements for the pageant.

At the time, the Miss Universe Organization said current rules state that all contestants must be a “naturally born female.”

In a 2010 interview in Thailand, where she was competing for Miss International Queen, a competition for transgender women, Talackova said she knew she was a girl at age 4. She said she started hormone therapy at age 14 and underwent sexual reassignment surgery at 19.

After Talackova’s disqualification, social media users flooded the Facebook page of Miss Universe Canada with comments criticizing the decision.

A petition started on the social change website garnered more than 41,000 signatures calling for organizers to reverse their ruling.

So let us take inventory here shall we?  41,000 people have been motivated to action, supporting a male-to-female transgender who wants to compete with real women over who is the most male-pleasing; said male-to-female transgender gets feminist attorney Gloria Allred to help him fight for his right to internalize misogyny and be the bestest male-pleaser; and GLAAD — an organization that supposedly represents lesbians’ interests but lately doesn’t even return lesbians’ phone calls  — commends the organizers’ decision to allow a male-to-female transgender to internalize misogyny because justice, just weeks after GLAAD also “worked closely with” and published the work of male-to-female transgender Monica Roberts, who heralded progressive political transgender “trailblazers” on GLAAD’s website even though Monica Roberts himself has threatened to “pimp slap” women; refers to women as “fish” and has made public, graphic death threats against a lesbian activist.

Does that sound about right?  I think so, except for one thing:

Men cannot internalize misogyny, any more than a white man can internalize racism.  Men externalize misogyny and use it to oppress women.  Men externalizing misogyny is the context we are working within here and everywhere.  And transwomen are not women, they are men.

So what we have here are a bunch of allegedly woman, lesbian and feminist-friendly activists getting their panties in a bunch over whether a man will be allowed to exercise his alleged right to externalize misogyny by competing in a beauty pageant; and conservative gender religionist pageant organizers who apparently believe very strongly that competing for the title of Bestest Man-Pleaser is a privilege reserved for natural-born women (and non-lying-liars) but who caved under global political pressure and social networking campaigning from other conservative gender-religionists, deciding to ignore their own rules and letting a man do his best imitation of a male-pleasing woman, afterall.

And as if that weren’t enough, the transgender contestant also appears to be competing in pageants — and is eligible to compete — as both a woman (in Miss Universe) and as a transgender woman (in Miss International Queen) when an actual woman would never be able to compete in both.  And yet he claims that he doesn’t want special treatment.  And that he just wants to compete [in ALL TEH PAJUNTS!!1!!1]

The punchline: this is all apparently supposed to be both progressive, and feminist.  Thanks for nothing everyone!  Love, actual feminists.


Violent gender extremists attack feminist Germaine Greer, call it ‘glitterbombing’

GayExpress reports that the violent vigilantes known as “The Queer Avengers” have physically attacked feminist elder Germaine Greer in real life by “glitterboming” her, allegedly in retaliation for Greer speaking and writing about the effect of transpolitics on women and feminists.  Hmm, in real life violence in retaliation for lawful and non-violent speaking and writing.  That sounds about right!

According to GayExpress, “glitterbombing”

has gained prominence internationally as a way to highlight transphobia and queerphobia. A glitter bomb is a lightning fast protest where activists will approach a famous person and cover them in a shower of glitter. Republican politicians at rallies are a regular target.

Republican politicians may indeed be a regular target, but as we can see here, being targeted for glitterbomb attacks is not just for delusional homophobes and conservative gender religionists anymore!  (If it were, the Queer Avengers would have to seriously consider glitterbombing themselves).

No, it seems as though any disagreement with transpolitics whatsoever, for any reason, will make you a target for in real life violence by trans activist gender-extremists.  Even where you are a non-conservative non-Republican, speaking about feminism and advocating for the legal rights and full recognition of the humanity of girls and women around the world.

Now I ask you: why might that agenda in particular be at odds with the trans or “gender queer” agenda?

And what group of people seem almost (ALMOST!) genetically predisposed to committing violence against women, and perpetrating violence generally, including violent retaliation against people they don’t agree with, historically, cross-culturally, and around the world?

I’m waiting.

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